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Things You Need to Know


Our Range is a BYOG Range.

  • Hours & Rates


All Rates are a per person rate. (Remember Hearing and Eye protection REQUIRED)

  • $10.00 for 1 Gun – No time limit

  • $2.00 extra per additional gun

  • Kids under 16 shoot for free with paying supervising adult

  • Range fee includes 1 Target 1 pair of ear plugs

  • After 1st pair plugs are 50cents a pair all non paying members of your group that need ear plugs will be charged for plugs as well .

During the Pre Deer season sight in business we do occasionally have to put time limits on the range so we can get as many folks through as possible . We have a limited number of benches.



Equipment needs:. We have a bunch of sand bags to borrow. Bring your spotting scope if you have one. You will also need ear plugs and shooting glasses.  We have all shooting equipment needed for sale at our shop at reasonable prices. Come check out our selection and we can special order any accessory available
Tuesday 9am to 5:30pm
Wednesday 9am to 5:30pm
Thursday 1-5:30pm
Friday 9-5:30pm
Saturday 9am- 5:30pm
Sunday  – Closed


Here at Evans Brothers Guns we don’t require you to be a member of the NRA or any other Gun Rights Organization to be able to shoot here. Although, we strongly encourage membership in the NRA or any other 2nd Amendment protection group.  Without these hard working patriots we would not have the rights we enjoy today.  Get actively involved and help us all keep the sport we all love and enjoy.  Check out our links to the different groups and make an informed choice.


At Evans Brothers Guns Shooting Range SAFETY is always First and Foremost


Eye protection  and Hearing protection will be required on the range at all times


Observe the following:

  1. Read and Sign the Range Liability Release and Range Rules.

  2. Ask questions if you are not sure of range procedures.

  3. When on the Range and the range is “HOT”, you can fire at your target.  Remember, your target is not everything on the range.  It is the paper target or target we have available for all to shoot and it MUST have a backstop (Berm) to stop bullets from getting out of the range.  Remember – everything that is not a target that gets shot up has a cost associated with it.  Eventually the cost will be passed on.  If you see someone destroying our property please let us know.

  4. When “Cease Fire” is called you need to open the action of your firearm and step away from your gun.  It is very bad etiquette and DANGEROUS to be looking through your scope or messing with your firearm when people are down range.  If you don’t believe it go down range when someone is doing it.

  5. The yellow line on the concrete is the firing line.  When you your hear the range command  “Cease fire ,Cease fire, make your guns safe, step behind the firing line, when all is safe you can go down range”, that is the line we are referring to.  When the command is called you MUST make your gun safe, get up and step back behind the line until all guns are safe.  At this time you can go down range and check your targets.  It is NOT PERMITTED to be sitting at the shooting bench making adjustments to your firearm during “Cease Fire”.  You are NOT ALLOWED to be handling your firearms in anyway when range is at “Cease Fire”.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!!!!

  6. When your done shooting sweep up your brass and put it in the marked containers. Everything you do to help me enables us to keep our prices reasonable.

  7. Your cooperation is appreciated and expected for the safety of all the customers shooting at our range.  Please report all unsafe shooters immediately to the management and we will handle the situation.

  8. Shoot your target not the frames or anything else that is not your target.

  9. If you bring your children bring hearing protection for them we are a retail business and do not loan earmuffs we sell them.

  10. Please clean up after yourself when you do it helps us keep our cost down.

Thank You for using our range for your shooting needs.

We appreciate your business at our shop.





Centerfire rifles only allowed on RIFLE RANGE anyone 
breaking this rules will be told to leave the facility.








DO NOT leave the concrete to go down range for ANY reason when people are shooting!!!!!  Hearing Protection is required on our range.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!




            1.   REQUIRED - Eye and Ear protection when shooting.


            2.   ABSOLUTELY - NO Alcohol or drugs on premises.


            3.   NO ONE under 18 on the range without adult supervision. This means you have to 

be with the child at all times they cant shoot anywhere on the range with out adult supervision.


            4.   ALWAYS treat a gun as loaded.


            5.   ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.


            6.   ALWAYS keep your finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.


            7.   ALWAYS keep the gun unloaded until you are ready to shoot.


            8.   NEVER wear/carry a firearm at Cease Fire, ESPECIALLY DOWNRANGE.                  


            9.   NEVER point the gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy.


            10.  BE SURE of your target and what is beyond it.


            11. Un-case and case your gun at the shooting bench,  NEVER  behind the safety line.


            12.  ALWAYS use proper ammunition.


            13.  BE SURE the barrel is clear of obstructions before loading and shooting.


            14.  If your gun fails to fire when the trigger is pulled, hold your shooting position for several seconds; then with the muzzle pointed in a Safe direction, carefully unload the gun.


            15.  DO NOT rely on the gun’s safety to keep it from firing.


            16.  Anyone caught intentionally shooting the power lines or power poles on the 300yd target range WILL BE PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law.

            17.  NO shooting any birds or wildlife on the range.







AR and AK Rules and requirements:

  1. Must have sights or optics and understand how to use them, if new optic mandatory bore sight required.

  2. If you have never shot a firearm before or an AR15 or AK47 TELL US IMMEDIATELY. We will gladly go over the operation and make sure you understand the gun fully before going on our range.

  3. Shooting a firearm on an Xbox or PlayStation does not count for experience!

  4. NO RAPID FIRE ALLOWED …. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. AKs or AR of any configuration can only be used on the rifle range
    NO AK  Micro Draco's or shotguns other than slug guns allowed on the range

  6. If you’re not on target on the 1st shot … STOP and come get assistance. Our livelihood depends on your bullet staying in our range

  7. If you don’t know how to set scopes ASK I will help you. Again Our livelihood depends on your bullet staying in our range

  8. You must verbally acknowledge that you have read and understand these rules fully.

  9. Any rule broken on this list will get you permanently banned from our facility as again ….Our livelihood depends on your bullets staying in our range

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